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Thyroid Testing

Are you experiencing fatigue?  Weight that won’t budge? Cold hands and feet, changes in hair and nails - brittle hair or scaly skin, hormone imbalance, muscle weakness and constipation?  Or a slowing of blood pressure and pulse, changes in your voice, and changes in your nervous system such as depression, poor concentration, slower thinking and slower reflexes? If some of these sound familiar - you need to get your thyroid checked!  

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B12 Injections: What is B12 and Who Needs It?

B12 has been talked about a lot in recent years, so it's very likely that you’ve heard of it but with its seemingly newfound popularity, it can be difficult to distinguish between fact and fad. Exactly how important it is to your health? Can it actually boost my energy levels? Should everyone be getting B12 Injections?

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Menstrual Cycle Tracking to Understand Your Hormones!

If you're experiencing heavy periods, PMS, cystic acne, irregular periods or other cyclical symptoms; there is likely something off with your hormones. I love to teach my patients this useful tool to get a better sense of what is going on hormonally before we do further investigation or treatment. This information is also really empowering for women! Cervical fluid is a normal thing and can tell us a lot about our health! Have a listen to learn more!

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