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2019 Intentions


As we reach the end of February it is time to check in. Did you set goals, resolutions, or intentions for 2019?  What do they look like and how are you achieving them?

I’m a big fan of intentions - things I am working on in my life that I am not going to perfect, but am going to focus on.  Here are a few steps to follow to set and succeed in your intentions:

  1. REFLECT - What was awesome about last year? What made you happy? What made you feel good? What inspired and fulfilled you? What do you remember? What do you want to see more of this year? What qualities do you want to nurture in your life? What might make your life easier - even if it takes a bit of work to start?

  2. Choose one or two areas that you would like to hone in on and really understand WHY you want to focus there and what would be REALISTIC to do.

  3. Put STRATEGIES  in place. Strategies to achieve these intentions, and strategies to check in on these intentions.  It’s very easy to want change, but it’s hard to make it happen without a PLAN. In our techy age - there are often apps and programs and alarms that can help us to put great strategies in place!

  4. EVALUATE.  At the end of the week or month, check in.  Have you honed in on your intention? Where have things worked well? What needs to change? What will allow you to make that change?

One intention I have for this year in my own personal life is to be more present with my family, primarily through less phone time.  I’ve made an effort to turn it off more, and even to leave it at home sometimes if we’re out together. I’ve also downloaded the ‘Stay Focused’ App and set parameters for times of day where I can’t access certain apps, and set time limits within these.  Have I changed these parameters sometimes? Yes, but I found it’s been really helpful overall. I’m also able to see the total hours I’m on my phone each day to reflect on how well the strategy is working.

What is your intention?  Where can you start to see progress in that area and how are you going to make that happen?  How can you monitor your progress? Please share and bring it up in your next appointment!