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Natural Fertility Support | Natural Pregnancy

Improving fertility to support a healthy pregnancy naturally or improve outcomes using IVF.


Fertility Support

Whether you are just considering pregnancy or you have been trying for years, pre-conception care is very important.  Your health and the health of your partner can play a large role in the health of the baby.  Getting pregnant can be a very joyous process, but it can also be a very tumultuous emotional process with extreme highs and lows.  I provide education and emotional support throughout.


Preconception Health

It takes 3-4 months for the follicle to develop and an egg to mature to be ready for ovulation, and for new sperm cells to develop.  During this time we work to optimize nutrition, support detoxification processes and manage stress in both partners to create a foundation for a healthy pregnancy. I teach about signs of fertility and menstrual cycle tracking so that you know when you are most fertile to optimize intercourse timing for conception.  I prescribe high quality nutritional supplements to address nutrient deficiencies, support a healthy pregnancy, improve sperm quality, prevent miscarriage, and improve overall fertility.  

fertility Challenges

If you've been trying to get pregnant for a long time unsuccessfully or have experienced frequent miscarriage, I will support you through this challenging process.  I will go through your health history, laboratory results, diet, lifestyle, and menstrual cycle details in order to understand what factors are at play. I ask a lot of question and cover a lot of detail which often helps us to get to the root of 'unexplained infertility'.  We'll put together a treatment plan based on your needs and biology to regulate hormones, improve egg quality, reduce inflammation, improve uterine blood flow, improve implantation, and reduce stress.  Throughout the process, I'll provide education and support, and communicate and collaborate with your other healthcare providers so that you receive the best medical care and support possible.  


naturopathic assisted reproductive technology support

Assisted Reproductive Technology Support

If you've chosen to use IUI (intrauterine insemination), IVF (in vitro fertilization), a donor egg, or surrogacy to conceive, there is a lot that can still be done to prepare for the cycle in an effort to increase your chances of pregnancy.  Naturopathic care in this process consists of an assessment of health history, laboratory results, diet, lifestyle, and menstrual cycle details.   Based on this information, we will implement dietary changes and nutritional supplementation to support egg quality, uterine lining and implantation.  Acupuncture is typically used to calm the stress response, enhance uterine blood flow, promote ovulation, and is well-supported in the research as being beneficial to IVF transfer.