Janine Buisman Wilcox Naturopathic Doctor
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Guelph pregnancy and postpartum care


Perinatal Care


The pregnancy and postpartum period brings with it a huge number of hormonal, physical, emotional and lifestyle changes.  I support pregnant and postpartum mothers, providing you with safe tools and education to combat any ailments, fears or difficulties you may face. I work in collaboration with your Midwife, Family Doctor, or Obstetrician.  I provide educational information to prepare for a healthy and effective labour and delivery; breastfeeding support; and suggestions for postpartum recovery, hormone balancing, energy and mood.  


First Trimester

  • Nutritional supplementation

  • Nutrition guidance - what to eat and what to avoid

  • Nausea management

  • Digestion support


Second trimester

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Stress management

  • Leg cramp management

  • Digestion support

  • Sleep support

  • Energy support



Third Trimester

  • Pre-labour acupuncture

  • Baby-positioning (for breech or occiput posterior)

  • Preparing body and mind for labour

  • GBS prevention

  • Post-partum preparation

  • Natural induction


  • Physical recovery

  • Labour story

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Digestive support

  • Mental/emotional health

  • Nutrition guidance