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Naturopathic Well-Child Checks Guelph

Naturopathic well-baby and well-child check-ups to monitor your child's physical and developmental health.  Address your questions and concerns pro-actively.


Well-Child Checks


Health in infancy and childhood can play a large role in future health.  With this in mind, I provide well-baby and well-child check-ups to monitor the physical and developmental health of your child.  These visits allow me to have time to get to know your family and address your questions and concerns pro-actively.  A large portion of these visits is intended to cover specific educational topics including feeding, sleep, fever management, immune support, environmental toxicity, mental health, allergy and asthma prevention, and other health concerns which may arise.

The schedule varies from family-to-family, but a typical schedule for educational topics looks like:



6 months

  • Fever management
  • Teething

9 months

  • Naturopathic First Aid -  scrapes, bruises, ear infections, sore bellies, etc.

1 year

  • Nutrition/extended breastfeeding
  • Movement/Footwear

18 months

  • Toilet awareness
  • Socializing
  • ASD screening


      3 weeks

      • Natural baby care
      • Parental fatigue
      • Postpartum Depression
      • Feeding support

      6 weeks:

      • Sleep expectations
      • Safety
      • Parenting strategies
      • Diaper Rash

      3-4 months:

      • Solid Food Introduction
      • Food sensitivity prevention


        Toddlers and CHildren

        5 years:

        • Realistic demands (behavioural, chores)
        • Family meals

        6 years:

        • Gender differences/body change discussions     
        • Privacy/Independence
        • Nutrition participation

        7 - 9 years

        • Body changes/gender differences/puberty
        • Friendships/peer pressure
        • Media exposure/screentime
        • Family meals

        2 years:

        • Nutrition (weaning, fluid intake, picky eating, healthy snacks)
        • Active healthy living/screen time

        3 years:

        • Night toilet training
        • Nutrition/active healthy living

        4 years:

        • School options
        • Encouraging play and fantasy
        • Simplicity parenting



        14-18 years:

        • Nutrition (Fe, Ca, Vit. D, B12, protein)
        • Media exposure/screentime
        • Stress management
        • Sleep/bedtime
        • Menstruation
        • Dating/safe sex
        • Sexual orientation
        • Body image/self-esteem

        10-13 years:

        • Nutrition
        • Media exposure/screentime
        • Body changes/puberty
        • Friendships/peer pressure
        • Self-esteem
        • Menstruation
        • Sexuality